Mamata Banerjee Mobile Number, Contact Email | Mamata Banerjee Office Address, Whatsapp Number, Facebook

Mamata Banerjee Mobile Number, Contact Number, Email id | Mamata Banerjee Office Address, Whatsapp Number, Facebook

Mamata Banerjee was born on 5 january 1955 in kolkata , west bengal and the her belong in bengali bharmin and lower middle class family. Mamata Banerjee was the completed in schooling in higher secondary board examination from deshbandhu sishu sikshalay. Mamata Banerjee has the completed graduation from history from jogamaya devi college a graduate womens college in southern kolkata. her the later she earned a master degree in islamic history from the university of calcutta. her by wollowed by a degree in education from the shri shikshayatan college. she is also earned a law degree from the jogesh chandra chaudhuri law college kolkata.

Mamata Banerjeeb was the started her political in life career in the congress party and as a young women in the 1970. her was the ranks of the local congress group and remained the general secretary of mahila congress and the west bengal from 1976 to 1980. Mamata Banerjee one orf inda youngest parliamentarians ever beating veteran communist polotician somnath chatterjee from the jadavpur parliamentary  constituency in west bengal.  Mamata Banerjee was made the union minister of state flor human resource in rao government formed in 1991 youth affairs and sports and women and child development.

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Chandra sekhar mahato said...

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Mobile no. 9547077658

Unknown said...

Madam Ami budge budge Bata nagare thaki Ami 2012 sale HS passed &under greujuet Ami puro bbekar amar nam marukul amar baba 70 ty year s old and paralises place kono akta rasta dekhao

Surajit Paul said...

Respected Mamta Bannerjee,
Chief Minister,
West Bengal

Subject: FIR NO: 36/17 dated 21-02-2017 - Imminent threat or danger on senior citizens living at 298 S.K. Dev Road, Calcutta-700048

Respected Madam,
I beg to state that a dangerous broad day light house breaking burglary has taken place at 298 S.K. Deb Road, Calcutta-700048. The burglary was registered by FIR NO: 36/17 dated 21-02-2017 at Lake Town police station which is under the jurisdiction of MLA, Shree Sujit Basu. We have personally met with Shree Sujit Basu, called him also regarding this matter. Our parents are senior citizen, they are staying in that house alone. My father is eighty years old and unable to move and my mother is seventy years old. They are feeling very unsafe after that burglary. My elder brother is working as an assistant professor in Punjab where as I am staying in United States. Almost 20 days has passed after the reporting of the crime. We have not seen any visible effort from police department. We are citizen who are regularly paying taxes and but still now no security is available for our parents. They are living in panic. Tomorrow burglars can kill them. This is the first house breaking burglary incident in that area. We have already provided about few suspects in trailing email but unfortunately we haven’t received any response of that email.
So, this is for your kind attention. I will be highly too obliged for your kind attention for resolution of above mentioned matter.

Surajit Paul


The chief minister
Government of west Bengal
HRBC Building,
325, Sarat Chatterjee Road,
West Bengal- 711102

Subject – Regarding better water supply

Respected Madam,

With due respect, I beg to say that I live in south 24 pgs harinavi 123-Ashoke Nath Shastri Road kolkata-700148 ward no -18 under rajpur sonarpur municipality It is a thickly populated area, it is also famous area in our city. But the water supply in our locality is not regular. It is made one time in two days and for a short time. Sometimes the water supply is not made for three days continuously. Other resources of water are not in well condition here. There are only two Hand Pumps in our locality. They are either in bad condition or out of control. They supply very little water after the hard labor. It is not enough for the people of this locality. Even the wells in our locality are dry. People cannot get water from them enough to fulfil their needs. Because of this people have to fetch water from a long distance. They spend a lot of time in bringing water. This affects in their daily work. The time which they have to spend on their necessary work has to spend on bringing water.

Therefore I request the concerning authorities to look into the matter seriously and take necessary steps for solving the problem. So the water supply may kindly be made daily in our locality. People may get rid of the problem of poor water supply.

I shall be highly obliged to you.

Thanking you Madam,

Yours Faithfully

sudip bhattacharya

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