Indra Nooyi Mobile Number, Contact Number, Email | Indra Nooyi House Address, Whatsapp Number, Facebook, Twitter

Indra Nooyi Mobile Number, Contact Number, Email | Indra Nooyi House Address, Whatsapp Number, Facebook, Twitter

Indra Nooyi was born on 28th october 1955 in madras. indra nooyi was related a tamil speaking family. indra nooyi was complet her education in holy angles amglo indian higher secondary school in madras. indra nooyi after educated by indian institute of management Calcutta in 1976 a post graduation diploma in management. indra nooyi is world 100 most powerful women, indra nooyi in 2014 she was ranked 13 in forbes world 100 most powerful women list. indra nooyi a married women and husband name is raj k. nooyi and two daughter. indra nooyi one daughter is present time attend school of management in yale nooyi alma mater.

indra nooyi career -

indra nooyi is naturalized american business executive and current chairperson and chief executive officer of pepsico. indra nooyi join pepsico in 1994 and named president and cfo in 2001. indra nooyi lead in the acquisition if tropicana in 1998. indra nooyi held product manager position at johnson and johnson and textile firm mettur beardsell. indra nooyi strategic redirection of her company largely successful.

indra nooyi award and recognition details -

indra nooyi in 2004 honorary doctor of laws by babson college
indra nooyi in 2007 padma bhushan by president of india
indra nooyi in 2008 honorary degree by new york university
indra nooyi in 2009 barnard medal of honor by Barnard college
indra nooyi in 2010 honorary doctorate of humane letters by Pennsylvania state university
indra nooyi in 2011 honorary doctorate of law by Miami university
indra nooyi in 2013 honorary degree by north carolina state university
indra nooyi in 2015 honorary doctorate of humane letters by state university of new york at purchase.

indra nooyi social details -

facebook account -
twitter account -
indra nooyi phone number - 9142532000
email address -
indra nooyi address - 700 anderson hill road purchase ny usa
whatsapp number -n/a


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